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A Fun filled Science week at Casa Vista Montessori

For young learners, Science is just an extension of their everyday world. We don't have to teach young children how to wonder, discover and explore through play because they do it naturally. 

When people say they don't like Science, it's most likely because of a bad experience they have had as a child. Experiences shape our thinking and opinions. Therefore, it is extremely important to focus on the development of scientific thinking, in the early years. 

Our students at Casa Vista Montessori, experienced a week full of enriching exposure towards Science experiments, which enabled them to explore, investigate, discover and use their imagination.

The pictures attached below explain the scientific method and principles involved in the process of learning.
                                                  Using a weighing scale
           Aim- To be able to understand the concept of balance through heavy and light objects           

Water fall
Aim- To be able to understand how water flows in the given direction

Sensory path
Aim- To cater to the tactile sensation of the feet and understand the different textures

Primary to secondary colours
Aim- To understand how yellow and blue changes into green when mixed

Musical Instruments
Aim- To be able to create musical sounds and rhythm to enhance the acoustic sense

Tactile board
 Aim- To be able to feel different textures through the tactile touch

Sound boxes
Aim- To be able to understand the different degrees of loud and soft sounds

Magnet attracts

Aim- To be able to understand that a magnet attracts iron, nickle and other metals

Sinking and floating
 Aim- To be able to understand that heavy objects sink in the water while light objects float

 Magnifying glass 
Aim- To be able to see objects enlarged, using a magnifying glass

Tasting trays
Aim- To be able to understand the four basic tastes; salty, sweet, bitter and sour

Colour bars
Aim- To be able to understand that when two primary colours are mixed, they form a secondary colour. 

Run away pepper

Aim- To be able to understand that pepper repels away from the soap because soap breaks the water surface tension, allowing the water to pull the pepper away

Cars on different surfaces
Aim- To be able to understand that the speed at which the cars travel vary due to friction between its tyres and the surfaces 


Aim- A game, to enable children to say names of hidden pictures

Group sessions

To understand the process of precipitation

To be able to see rainbow colours

                                                                        Colour changing milk 
Aim- To be able to understand how fats and proteins in the milk are sensitive to changes in the surrounding 

Singing rhymes with shadow puppets

Throughout the week, children gained vocabulary related to all the experiments. Most of the experiments catered to the child's visual and kinesthetic learning.

Science Exhibition

With an endeavour to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, we held an exhibition at school. A science exhibition being an interface of science and society, contributes towards creating awareness about science as well as creating enthusiasm in students.


Feedback from parents

Thank you!
Team Casa Vista Montessori

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